In Vikings War of Clans, you can increase your combat effectiveness in many ways: you can hire a bigger army, level up your hero, etc. Of course, you should use all the opportunities to improve your own fortress. But the most convenient way to improve your performance is to use special equipment.

Equipment, in turn, must be crafted in the Forge. Therefore, in this guide, you will learn how to craft the best equipment and how the Forge works in Vikings War of Clans.

How Does a Forge Work?

The forge allows you to do two things:

  1. Craft various armor and weapons.
  2. Improve materials for crafting. 

To build a Forge in your city, there must be at least one Mine. Accordingly, in order to increase the level of the Forge, you must first increase the level of the Mine (one is enough, it is not necessary to increase all the existing ones). The higher the level of the Forge, the faster your blacksmith will craft the things you need, and the more you can upgrade the walls of your fortress. Overall, the Forge is one of the key buildings that you will need to constantly develop if you want to advance in the game.

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The crafting of armor and weapons is done with the help of materials. Each item needs its own set of certain materials, of which there are 90 varieties in the game. There are five types of items: 

  1. Helmet
  2. Armor 
  3. Weapons
  4. Boots
  5. Amulet 

There are also six levels of items: 

  1. Simple 
  2. Common 
  3. Unusual 
  4. Rare 
  5. Epic
  6. Legendary 

To get, for example, a legendary helmet, you need all the materials for it to be legendary.

This is where the second function of the Forge is needed: upgrading the materials of the lower level into the material of the upper level. Each upgrade requires 4 units of the same level of material. They will turn into 1 unit of the same material of the next level. Thus, to get 1 legendary level material, you will need 4 epic, 16 rare, 64 uncommon, 256 common, or 1024 simple similar materials.

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How to Craft in Vikings War of Clans? Forge Guide


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