How to Craft in the Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue Combat Guide and Tips

It’s completely clear that crafting is a necessary thing you need to know to survive in the Serpent Rogue. Honestly, crafting will be a big part of your time in this world. So, you really have to know how to do it and some basic tips for it. And here they are.

Tips for Crafting in the Serpent Rogue

Generally, there are a few places where you can perform the crafting. However, moving to them will take some time. So, the best way is to use a portable alchemy desk, that will be gifted to you. One of its benefits is that you can use a portable desk while fighting and craft on your own when it’s needed. That’s all with general information, let’s start with our tips.

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  1. Don’t leave the first area. The point is that crafting requires a lot of resources, and in the first area, they are easy to gain. So, don’t hurry up and collect as many resources as possible. In the Serpent Rogue, anything can come in handy. Therefore, one more piece of advice with resources is that collect all of them.
  2. Watch craft combinations on the internet. When you fail with guessing, you will lose the resources that you put into a craft. To not do a mistake, find complete combinations on the internet and don’t spend extra resources.
  3. Make the potion strong. You need to craft items only with the maximum efficiency. Resources are quite hard to obtain, even the simplest ones can be invaluable. Therefore, try to make the best items and save resources.

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How to Craft in the Serpent Rogue


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