The Serpent Rogue Combat Guide and Tips

The Serpent Rogue Combat Guide and Tips

In this game, you have to play as the alchemist, which will fight evil during the game. And how to fight is only your choice. If you like, you can play the game in stealth mode. At the same time, you have the opportunity to run and destroy everyone in your path. To choose one of the ways, you need to aim your character at your gaming style. And when you decide, you will have the question of how to fight in The Serpent Rogue.

How to Fight in the Serpent Rogue

You can fight with your hand, or take the weapon and hit the enemy with it. However, every weapon has its durability, so it will break down when you use it a lot. Also, every attack uses a certain amount of stamina. And when you hold the LBM, you perform the more powerful attack, which takes more stamina and deals more damage.

Also, if you hold the weapon, you can throw it from the distance and deal the damage to an enemy. However, you won’t be able to block the attacks and deal a lot of damage with your fists. So, throwing the weapon is useful when you want to finish the battle and after pick it up and continue playing.

When you are fighting, remember that picking the right weapon is one of the main rules to be effective. Generally, the better rarity the item is, the easier is to beat an enemy for you.

How to Dodge in the Serpent Rogue

There are 2 ways of avoiding attacks – blocking and dodging. Blocking works in 100% cases, so that you won’t receive damage even from the most powerful enemy. To block, just press the Space key. And to dodge attacks, just move from the enemy’s attack range. Try to train to do it by pressing Shift.

So, that’s all about combating in The Serpent Rogue. Hope you will enjoy the fighting!

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The Serpent Rogue Combat Guide and Tips


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