The investigation has started! Naomi H. is checking why Rainy Woods is considered to be the happiest town. In the game, crafting is essential; one will need to get some help from the people living in the city. The correct approach is gathering proper materials for the items that need to be produced.

The peculiarity of the game lies in the necessity to cover fees to the merchants in McAvoy Construction, the Post Shop / Fancy & Bunny, and the Witch House Pharmacy; their help is somewhat useful.

This article will cover how to craft in the Good Life and get the materials for that.

​What Is Needed to Craft in The Good Life?

So, to craft, you will need appropriate materials. There are two possible options: some prerequisite items may be purchased while others will require some time to be spent to obtain them (one will need to hunt, plant, or scavenge).

In terms of the items that can be purchased, this can either be done from one of the merchants mentioned above (they can craft the needed items) or from the small shops and merchants located along the roads worldwide.

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One more option to locate the materials for crafting is scavering (use the white arrows under your feet to gather something useful like bugs or seeds etc.).

Don’t forget about hunting through Dog or Cat Mode; this way, you will also get some trophies.

And last but not least: you can grow multiple valuable items needed for crafting, especially the ones that can be used at the Witch Hose Pharmacy.

So, crafting in the Good Life requires some time and effort. Still, the result is worth it!

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How to Craft in The Good Life Guide


  1. The guide doesn’t explain where to get every material, I need high quality fur but don’t know which animal it is an I’ve searched every where for birch so u need to make a guide that covers every material!!!

    • To get “high quality fur” you need to be in dog mode and attack the skunk. Usually witches forest sometimes in other Forrest like deadwood. Make sure to face the skunk and attack it before it hits you otherwise your heart points will go down. If they go down to much you’ll die and end up at the Vet and lose some money

      Do this a bunch throughout the game and you aquire the fur


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