The Good Life

The Good Life is the latest game from Hidekata Suehiro, also known SWERY, one of the most creative minds in the Japanese video games industry. As such, no one should be surprised that his latest role-playing game feels and play quite differently from most other games on the market.

Where The Good Life also differs from modern role-playing games is its length. While the main story may not take too long to beat, players do have the option of spending tens of hours in the game if they so desire.

But exactly how long does The Good Life take to beat? Let us find out.

How Long to Beat The Good Life?

While The Good Life comes with many staples of the RPG genre, it doesn’t take too long to beat the game’s main story and watch the ending. Following the two Prologue chapters, you will have to complete three different quest lines that, once completed, will lead you to the final quests and the ending. Each questline requires around 3 hours to beat, depending on your knowledge of the map and of the game’s mechanics, so you will need 12 hours to complete the main campaign if you play main quests only.

The Good Life is filled with tons of side quests and optional activities, so if you want to see everything the game has to offer, you will need way more than just 12 hours. If you are lucky with random item finds, and know Rainy Woods like the back of your hand and use all of the traversal options at your disposal to cut the traveling time, you will see everything The Good Life has to offer in around 30 hours.

Don’t rush things, though: The Good Life wants you to take your time and enjoy it, so immerse yourself in the game’s great atmosphere and have as much fun as possible solving the game’s engaging mysteries!

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