How to Craft and Use a Mangrove Fence in Minecraft


The fence is one of the most widely used items in the game. Currently, in Minecraft, there are nine types of fences. In the new Wild Update, Mangrove Fence was introduced. This fence looks interesting. So, how to get it? Read this guide, and you will find out!

Mangrove Fence Guide in Minecraft

You will get 3 Mangrove Fence per one craft. It works just as with other fences. So, you need to have two sticks and four mangrove planks to do this craft. For crafting sticks, just use two planks, and you will get four sticks. Also, you can use bamboo, but you will get only one stick in this way. Find mangrove planks you can on the new biome.

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So, when you have all the required resources, put one mangrove plank in the first box, one stick in the second box, and one mangrove plank in the third box in the first row. The same you need to do with the second row. That is the Mangrove Fence crafting recipe.

At this moment you can craft Mangrove Fence only on a PC or Mac with the installed update. On other devices, 1.19 is not available yet. However, it will be updated in approximately a month. So, just wait until Minecraft will be updated on your device. That is how it works.

How to Use Mangrove Fence in Minecraft

Fortunately, the fence is one of the best items in Minecraft. To be honest, you can use the fence everywhere. A mangrove fence might become a stylish furniture element or can be used directly for its functions. Only you decide how to use it. 

So, that is all with Mangrove Fence in Minecraft. Hope you find this guide helpful!

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How to Craft and Use a Mangrove Fence in Minecraft


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