How to Copy Games in Roblox 2022 – Step-by-Step Guide


Roblox offers a considerable number of different games. Therefore, it is logical that players want to copy some of them to play solo or enjoy the game with friends. Also, many game creators use this way while creating new servers. They just pick up an old game and slightly update it. However, it might be unclear how to copy games. So, read this guide, and you will understand.

Copying Games in Roblox 2022 Guide

In 2022 there are many ways to copy the Roblox game. However, some of them are illegal and might work incorrectly. Others are hardly understandable or require a special computer program, which is dangerous for your PC.

Copying Using RBLX Tools

RBLX Tools is a special utility that you can use to copy any game. It is absolutely free and works with any Roblox game. All you need is to have the game ID and a unique key. Let’s start with a step-by-step guide.

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  1. Open the RBLX Tools using any browser.
  2. Find the game you want to copy and get its Game ID. The game ID is the numbers in the link after games/. However, this ID might be hidden, but it is ok. Paste the game ID into RBLX Tools.
  3. Click the Copy Key button to get your unique key. When you click it, RBLX Tools will require access to See text and messages copied to a clipboard. Give the access to it. However, it might not work on the first try. So, click on Copy Key a few times.
  4. Click the GameAPI. After that, the special page will be opened. So, click on this page and choose to inspect
  5. A new page will instantly open. You need to navigate to the Network menu and reload the previous page.
  6. When you have the page reloaded, Gamebot will open. Choose the option Copy it as URL(bash), and wait. You will get the game copied in the file.

So, that is all with copying games in Roblox. Hope you consider this guide helpful.

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How to Copy Games in Roblox 2022 – Step-by-Step Guide


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