Roblox Sword Factory Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get Better Swords


Sword Factory is a Roblox experience where players get to run their own sword-producing factory. You start with a molder that shapes the sword, then a polisher that refines the sword, add some final touches, and boom—you’ve created your very own sword! Today, we’ll share with you a couple of tips and tricks to get better swords in Roblox Sword Factory!

Tips & Tricks to Get Better Swords in Roblox Sword Factory

The premise of Sword Factory is to run your production line as efficiently as possible. Upon creating a sword, you can either sell it or keep it to use as a weapon. Selling it will be the most common choice, as it’ll be your only source of income early on. When you first start out, your main goal should be to get your Conveyor up to level 5, as that will unlock the Auto Spawn feature that automatically puts new sword bases onto the belt.

After that, it’s time to start upgrading your different machines that modify your swords. You have six different machines on the production line, with each machine improving a certain aspect of your swords. They are, in order from first to last:

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  • Molder: Changes appearance and increases worth
  • Polisher: Increases worth
  • Classifier: Increases damage
  • Upgrader: Increases damage and worth
  • Enchanter: Applies special effects/abilities
  • Appraiser: Increases damage and worth

To put it simply, in order to make better swords in Sword Factory, you need to upgrade all of your machines equally. Every machine will modify your sword to be better in some way, thus increasing its damage and worth. They’ll be able to take down enemies faster and sell for more money.

There are five main aspects of a sword: mold, rarity, quality, class, and finally, enchantment. Each of these categories has improved modifiers, and you have a higher chance of getting a better modifier. For example, a higher level Molder means that you’ll get more Copper molds than Wood.

Let’s take the sword above as an example—its mold is Copper, rarity is Okay, quality is Omega++, class is Tough, and enchantments include Speed VI, Swiftness II, and Overdrive VI.

To increase your chances of getting the better modifiers, your next objective should be to get all of your machines up to level 50. Keep selling your swords, but if you manage to create a superb sword, make sure to keep it so that you can use it to fight enemies and get more money. Once a machine hits level 50, go to the Machine Settings and then select the machine in question. You can now set the luck setting to a higher level, which increases your chance of getting swords with better modifiers.

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You should be earning the big bucks at this point, so now you want to push your machines to level 100. At level 100, a machine can prestige, which will reset the machine back to level 0 but grant it a permanent luck boost. You should prestige a machine as soon as you’re able to, as this is the main method of getting lots of permanent luck. The only drawback to this is that you lose the higher luck settings, but you earn permanent luck to compensate for it.

Every time you prestige a machine, the maximum level cap will increase, meaning you’ll need to invest more money into in order to prestige it again. Despite this, it’s still very much worth it to prestige a machine for the permanent luck boost.

From here, the cycle repeats until you start making fantastic swords at a semi-reliable pace. To recap, here are all the steps:

  1. Make swords, then sell them for money.
  2. Upgrade your machines to make better swords worth more money.
  3. Set your machine’s luck levels higher once they hit a high enough level to make even better swords.
  4. Once a machine hits the level cap, prestige it to earn a permanent luck boost, then repeat from step 1.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be making powerful swords in no time! With that, our guide on Roblox Sword Factory is over, but if you have any other tips for making unstoppable swords, let us know in the comments below!

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Roblox Sword Factory Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get Better Swords


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