How to Cook Bacon and Eggs in Farmville 3

How to Get Bacon and Eggs in Farmville 3

Farmville 3 is a great mobile farm simulator where you have to build your own little town with different farms and buildings that produce variable goods. Then you will need to earn money via trading the food and different items you made. So, any knowledge about possible products is important in this game and today we are going to tell you about some food you may be interested in. This guide will explain to you how to get Bacon and Eggs in Farmville 3.

How to Cook Bacon and Eggs in Farmville 3

In order to cook Bacon and Eggs in Farmville 3, you have to build a special structure that will be able to produce this food. In our case, it is called Frying Station. It is not a difficult building to get and it requires you to pay 3,500 coins to place its construction. Then you will have to use some building material to turn this construction into a real working building that is able to produce food. In the case of Frying Station, you have to bring 15 wooden materials.

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When your Frying Station is ready, you are able to produce different fried food. If you want to cook the dish “Bacon and Eggs”, you have to use these two ingredients seprately. So, in order to be able to produce this food in huge amounts and make a lot of money with it, you have to get a lot of not fried Bacon and Eggs. It means that it is better for you to prepare other buildings and farms to produce these two ingredients. Just ensure that you have enough of these and use them to cook more expensive and beneficial food.

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How to Cook Bacon and Eggs in Farmville 3


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