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How to Level up Fast in Farmville 3

How to Level up Fast in Farmville 3
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Farmville 3 is a big mobile city building simulator where you have to build your own town with different farms and buildings that are able to produce many variable products you can trade. However, some of the game’s content is locked and you have to reach a certain level to be able to get it and progress in the game. So, lots of players are interested in finding out the fastest way to level up and be able to use all the game’s content. Today we are going to help you. This guide will tell you how to level up fast in Farmville 3.

How to Get XP in Farmville 3

If you want to level up in Farmville 3, you have to earn a special resource called XP. This thing can be earned under certain circumstances. Usually, these are some kind of event tasks or some specific accomplishments. The best ways to obtain XP are getting new animals on your farm, clearing rubble, completing variable achievements, and building different stuff. So, earning XP is simple enough and you just need to focus on developing your town.

If you want to see your current level you just need to tap on the Level button. It is placed in the top left corner of the game’s screen. There you are able to see your current level and the amount of XP you have to earn to get the next level up.

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How to Level up Fast in Farmville 3

If you know how to level up in Farmville 3, you will be able to do it pretty fast. Earning a higher level will open to you new buildings and resources. It means that you will get more options to earn XP. There is no particular advice on how to earn XP. Just continue to progress in the game and complete achievements.

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How to Level up Fast in Farmville 3


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