How to Complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

Welcome to BitLife, a text-based life simulation! Once your character is born, you can decide on what kind of life he or she’s going to have by making certain choices during the game. 

The new WAP Challenge was inspired by the life of famous American singer and actress Cardi B, so the main task for the players is to follow in her footsteps. 

What Do I Need to Do to Accomplish the WAP Challenge?

Here’s the list of what you should do to achieve the mission:

Be born in New York as a female 

  • Become a stripper 
  • Become a famous rapper 
  • Have 2+ double-platinum singles
  • Bathe 5+ cats

How Do I Do the First Task of the Challenge?

To begin with the Challenge, you should tap on the female sign while picking up a new character, then choose New York as the location of birth.

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How Do I Complete the Second and the Third Tasks of the Wap Challenge?

To grow up faster use an Age Up button in the menu. When you’re at least eight years old, start to take singing lessons. To fulfill this task, go to the Mind and Body tab, flip through until you see the Voice. Make sure to practice singing regularly, as well as ensuring that your character has good Looks. Eventually, this will help you to attain the third task of the mission. When you’re eighteen years old, start looking for a part-time job called Exotic Dancer. Renew your BitLife till the job appears. You have to work there for a year. That’s how you get the second task done. 

Once your job as a stripper is over, make another career choice and become a music performer. Once you’re a part of show business, continue to work hard until the rap contract is offered to you. The third task is complete!

How Do I Finish the Fourth and the Fifth Tasks of the Challenge?

Create new albums, release the singles. Wait for a couple of years and you will finally have two double-platinum singles in your pocket. The fourth task is done as well!

To fulfill the fifth task of the WAP Challenge, adopt the cats clicking on the Relationship button. Don’t forget that you should keep the five of them. When the new pets are at your home, click on the Relationship again to bathe them. 

Congratulations! The WAP Challenge in BitLife is completed!

We hope that our article was helpful. Take care and play & have fun!

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How to Complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife


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