BitLife is a mobile life simulator with plenty of different challenges you can complete and get some special rewards. One of these is the Red Queen challenge, which will ask you to do some specific activities. This article is written to help you with this task. Today we will tell you how to complete the Red Queen challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Red Queen Challenge

Becoming the Red Queen in BitLife demands you play as a female character. So, you will be able to become a Queen. This is your first task for this challenge. You can do this by marrying a royalty member or by being born in one of the royal families. The next thing after you became a Queen is to find a husband and stay married for 25+ years. In case you reached royalty status by marrying a member of the royal family, you won’t need to marry someone else.

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The next task you need to do is to own a haunted royal estate. Just try to check different offers and buy the one that is haunted. After you have owned an estate, you need to stay married for 25+ years. After this, you can start completing the last part of this challenge. Also, what is going to happen with your husband is up to you.

The last part of this challenge is connected with the fact that the original Red Queen is known for her cruelty. She ordered to execute a lot of people and you will need to do the same. The first thing you should start with is to make 10+ friends. Just stay in touch with them and make sure your relationship is strong enough. After that, you need to order to execute them with 10+ different methods. Just do this and don’t lose the good favor of the public and you will complete the Red Queen challenge in BitLife.

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