During your journey in Da’at in Shin Megami Tensei V, you will meet many demons that will need your help solving their troubles. Helping them is completely optional, but extremely encouraged, as you will be rewarded quite well for completing sidequests with items like Demon Essences and Talismans that unlock additional Magatsuhi Skills.

Here’s how to complete the Pollution Panic sidequest, one of the earliest sidequests you can accept.

How to Complete the Pollution Panic Sidequest in Shin Megami Tensei V

The Pollution Panic sidequest can be started by speaking with the Mandrake located to the West of the Hamamatsucho Leyline Fount in the Minato Ward. You will find the Mandrake to speak to at the location shown on the map above.

The quest giver Mandrake will ask the Nahobino for his help to take down some Azumi demons that are trying to take over the important watering holes in the area. The Azumis to defeat can be found in the location shown on the map below.

At this point in the game, the Azumis shouldn’t be too difficult to take down. To make things easier, make sure to bring demons capable of dealing Electricity damage to strike the Azumis weak point. After defeating five of them, talk with the Mandrake again to complete the quest and receive the Yoma Talisman and 500 EXP points.

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