How to Complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife


BitLife gives players some fun new challenges to complete, and this week it is the turn of the Hollywood Hustler. This challenge asks players to become a scam artist on the streets of California, but how can we complete this challenge easily? Find out below how to complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife.

Completing the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife

To become a Hollywood Hustler in BitLife and gain this accolade, players must complete the following tasks:

  • Be born in California
  • Panhandle for over 5 years
  • Scam more than 15 people with the VIP ticket scam
  • Become a famous actor
  • Win 2 Bitty Awards

First thing to do is to start a new character, and make sure they are going to be born in California. It does not matter which city, as long as they are in the state of California. While at school make sure you join the school’s Drama Club as this will help you become an actor later in your life.

drama club bitlife
Join Drama Club in BitLife (via Candywriter)

The Hollywood Hustler Challenge is only available for players who have bought the Street Hustler and Actor packs from the Store. These packs unlock the extra options in the Jobs section that you will need to complete the tasks and earn the achievement.

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When you are aged up to 18 years you can visit the Special Careers tab (found under Occupation), and select Street Hustling. From there you select a street to begin your hustle on and begin with Pan Handling as your main career. Do this for 5 years, ageing up and trying to stay out of trouble as you go.

Next you can try scamming folk. The VIP ticket scam is a high level scam so you will have to try first with smaller scams like the Bump & Grab scam. Working your way up and increase your scamming skills until you access advanced scams like the VIP Ticket scam. Now try this scam on 15 or more people to complete this section of the task.

special careers bitlife
Special Careers in BitLife (via Candywriter)

Once those tasks are complete it is time to become an actor. If you were in Drama Club at school your acting skills should be high already, ideally at 95-100%. Visit the Special Careers tab again and this time select Actor. Hire a Talent Manager for $1.5K and they will find you acting jobs. Do as much decent acting work as you can and you will soon become a famous actor.

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Winning a Bitty Award is slightly trickier as your character will have to take on appropriate and decent roles to be nominated and this is basically down to luck. Just make sure your BitLife character works hard as an actor and keeps their skill level high.

That is all you need to know about completing this special BitLife challenge. Good luck and happy hustling!

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How to Complete the Hollywood Hustler Challenge in BitLife


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