How to Complete the Bitlife Next Top Model Challenge


There are lots of female-like challenges in BitLife and in this guide we’ll be showing you how to complete the Bitlife Next Top Model Challenge.

This challenge is a bit complicated than most and to complete it, players will have to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Join the Mean Girls clique in high school
  • Become a famous runway model
  • Achieve 90 percent fame
  • Publish a book about your career
  • Pose for a nude photoshoot

How to Complete the Bitlife Next Top Model Challenge


While the above criteria might seem like a long run, completing the Bitlife Next Top Model Challenge isn’t as difficult as it seems and we’re here to guide you through it.

Joining the Mean Girls Clique in High School

First of, start by creating a female character with high looks and health stat. Once you have that, you’ll have to enroll in high school at 14 and join the Mean Girls Clique.

If you’re not accepted into the Mean Girls Clique, it’s likely because you don’t have enough notoriety. To fix this, try to engage in mean and mischievous things from the Activities tab to increase your notoriety.

Becoming a Famous Runaway Model

Then you’ll have to become a famous runaway model and to complete this objective, you’ll need to have very high look stat. You can achieve this by visiting the salon, going on walks, and hitting the gym often.

You’ll need to have a looks stat of 90+ and try to get a job as a Foot Model’ from the jobs section. Continue that path until you become a Hand Model, then Catalog Model, Lingerie Model and finally a Runaway Model.

Achieving 90% Fame

To achieve 90% of fame, you’ll have to unlock the game option. You can do this by simply focusing on your career, doing commercials and engaging with your fans on social media. Your frame will increase in over time and as long as you repeat the process, it’ll reach 90%.

Publishing A Book About Your Career

Once you’ve unlocked your fame option, you’ll have the opportunity to write books or autobiographies about yourself. You can use the activities tab to write a book.

Posing for a Nude Photoshoot

You can pose for a Nude Photoshoot during your modelling career after you’ve been approached to pose and act nude. When this happens, accept the offer and compete the objective.

Once you’ve successfully completed all five of the above objectives, you will then complete the Bitlife Next Top Model Challenge.

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How to Complete the Bitlife Next Top Model Challenge


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