How to Join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife


Bitlife allows you to do a lot of things and in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to join the Mean Girl Clique in Bitlife.

There are many different cliques that you can join in high school and each of them comes with its very own requirement. For players who have seen the 2004 Teenage/Comedy ’Mean Girls, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what it’ll take to become part of the Mean Girl Clique.

So whether you’re looking to complete the Mean Girls challenge or you simply want to become popular in high school by having an increased Bitizen, here’s how to join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife.

How to Join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife

To join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife, you’d have to be in high school and tap on the school button. Then click on your high school name and tap on the Cliques option. If your Bitlife character is a girl, you’ll see the option to join Mean Girls.

BitLife Joining Mean Girls Requirements

However, before you can join the Mean Girls in BitLife, you’d have to meet all of the below requirements:

  • Max out your looks
  • Be popular in High School
  • Try out for Cheerleading or Gymnastics

Although your looks in BitLife are random, you can improve them by working out a lot and taking good care of yourself. If you already have high looks, then work on increasing your popularity. The simplest way to increase your popularity is either by joining the cheerleading squad or simply interacting with other popular students.

Once you’ve met all the above requirements, you can click on your school name and join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife. Afterwards, you’ll be able to choose the option to start hanging out with the Mean Girls.

As long as you’re popular and good-looking, it shouldn’t take long to become an official member.

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How to Join the Mean Girls Clique in Bitlife


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