How to Complete Testing Ground 10 in Atomic Heart


On this page, you can find information regarding testing ground number 10 in Atomic Heart. All you have to do is simply follow our step-by-step instructions to finish this polygon easily and claim valuable loot. Read more below!

What are “Testing Grounds” in Atomic Heart?

Training Grounds, also known as “polygons,” are essentially dungeons that you can explore in Atomic Heart. In order to be able to visit these polygons, you first need to get your hands on Facility Map 3826. After that, you’ll be able to visit these areas and explore them to get valuable loot.

How to Unlock Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart

There are certain steps that you need to take in order to unlock a training ground (doesn’t matter which):

  • First things first, you need to be somewhere around the yellow marked area as shown on your map.
  • There’s always a terminal that is used to access every camera in the area. * Keep in mind that terminals might very well be outside of the yellow marked area when you are trying to locate them *
  • To open a Training Ground door, you need to operate the terminal and find a camera that is aimed at the training ground’s door. Once you find the correct camera, press the interaction button to open the door.
  • Last but not least, you need to actually go through the door. Of course, that’s the easiest part since you already seen its location through the cameras.

How to Complete Testing Ground 10 in Atomic Heat?

In order to complete this polygon, you need a polymeric jet. You can get one from the vending machine near the start of the polygon. Make sure to save your game often. There are spots where you can miss the jumps and die if you fall.

TIP: Scan often to find hidden chests, as they contain valuable loot such as blueprints. With that said, they are not necessary in order to complete the dungeon.

  • On the top floor of a wooden structure is the terminal you need to operate in order to get into “Testing Ground 10.” Climb up the drain to get there. The elevator to the Polygon is in the building right next door.
  • Use Polymeric Jet to link the Shok device to the door. To open the door, Shok the gel.
  • Put both orbs in the two slots above the door. Go through the door by pressing the red button.
  • Take the orb out and put it in the left-side slot. Shok the magnets on the left side. Take the orb out and put it back in the ceiling slot on the right. As you stand on the red magnet platform, jump across and Shok the magnets on the right.
  • Move across the upper platform and retrieve the orb. Toss it across the pit and cross. Push the button after inserting both orbs above the door.
  • Go down the stairs to find your first chest.
  • Locate a door with two Shok devices. Shok the Polymer Jet connection after connecting the devices. 
  • Climb up the boxes and walk into the room to make enemies appear. Go up the stairs and use the yellow handholds to get across. Go through the tunnel and you’ll land in a new room where the second chest is located. 
  • Enter the tunnel through the door on the right. Use the magnets on the ceiling to move the platforms and get across. Press the middle left button to open the door. Use Shok to turn on the magnets.
  • After completing the platforming task, enter the area on the right to acquire the third chest. Leave the testing grounds via elevator.

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How to Complete Testing Ground 10 in Atomic Heart


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