Atomic Heart: Where to Find Zvezdochka Location

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If you are looking for a great melee weapon in Atomic Heart, one of the best choices is Zvezdochka. It is an actual monster in the world of Atomic Heart weapons. In this guide, you will find out where to find Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart.

How to Find Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart

Fortunately, you can get Zvezdochka relatively early in the game. You only need to get out of Vavilov. After that, you will appear in the unique village with the location marked below. Use this location as a primary point in finding Zvezdochka.

Inside this village, you need to find a red mansion which you can find in the image below. It is the most straightforward location to find Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart.

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Enter this house. Here you might encounter a few robots. Don’t worry, you can ignore them and go to the second floor. On the second floor, you must turn left and visit the balcony with a chest. Loot this chest, and you will get the Zvezdochka blueprint.

Consider that it is only one of the few areas where you can find Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart. We mentioned it in this guide because it is the most straightforward location available, even since the early game.

How to Get Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart

If you have a blueprint, you can craft Zvezdochka. The crafting recipe requires 155 metal parts, 19 superconductors, and 15 chemistry materials. The weapon might seem overpriced at first glance, but you can be sure it is worth it. Moreover, Zvezdochka can become even more potent with Frostbite Skill and Crushing Blow upgrades.

That’s it with getting Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart. As you can see, the blueprint for this weapon can be found in one of the primary villages in the game. After that, you can easily craft this weapon. And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how the HAWK System works in Atomic Heart.

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Atomic Heart: Where to Find Zvezdochka Location


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