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How to Complete Ready or Not Missions in Order

Check out our guide to find out how to complete the Ready Or Not missions in order and how to end them once you are done

As the member of a SWAT police unit in Ready Or Not, you will be faced with some intense encounters and hostile situations. Still in its early stages, Ready Or Not, is constantly updating with new weaponry, characters and missions. There are currently 15 missions to compete and they can be done in any order, but it is recommended you complete them in a specific order to get the most out of the interlinked events. Let’s explore how to complete the Ready Or Not missions in order.

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Completing all Ready Or Not Missions in order

The high realism in Ready Or Not means it is best to keep your wits about you as you attempt to complete missions. The missions are pretty intuitive but the game doesn’t hold your hand through each one so you will need to make sure you have completed all objectives before moving on to the next mission. Once you and your team have done the following steps, you can end the mission by pressing PG UP.

  • Cover the entire map to ensure you have not missed anything important;
  • Pick up all available evidence;
  • Report all injured parties;
  • Kill all suspects;
  • Restrain all civilians;
  • Report civilians to HQ;
  • Check objectives by pressing TAB.
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The mission order recommended by players is as follows:

  • Thank You, Come Again (Gas Station)
  • A Lethal Obsession (Ridgeline)
  • Twisted Nerve (Meth House)
  • Crystal and Lead (Fast Food) removed since the Adam Update
  • Checkin’ In (Wenderly Hills Hotel)
  • The Spider (Talent Agency)
  • Valley of The Dolls (Voll Health House)
  • Hide and Seek (Port Hoken)
  • Buy Cheap, Buy Twice (Car Dealership)
  • Carriers of the Vine (Farm)
  • Neon Tomb (Nightclub)
  • Ides of March (Brisa Cove)
  • Relapse (Hospital)
  • Sinus Trail (Data Storage Facility)
  • Greased Palms (Post Office)
  • Coyote (Unknown) Unreleased
  • Hotel Rooms (Unknown) Unreleased
  • Streamer (Unknown) Unreleased

As we mentioned before, the game is constantly being updated and missions changed, added, or removed so we will try to keep this Ready Or Not missions list updated as much as possible.

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How to Complete Ready or Not Missions in Order