How to Complete Christmas Is In The Heir Quest on Sims Freeplay

Christmas is in the Heir Sims Freeplay seasonal quest
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‘Tis the season, y’all! It’s time for snow, hot cocoa, warm sweaters, and hours and hours of Sims Freeplay. EA Games introduced a new seasonal quest called Christmas Is In The Heir, and it’s your job to help Santa to convince his daughter Milly to care about the family business. The quest stretches over 13 days, with each day bringing a specific set of tasks.

To deal with this important job and get some neat gifts in the process, you can follow our detailed guide on how to complete Christmas Is In The Heir quest in Sims Freeplay!

Day 1

Here are the first tasks you need to complete for this quest including the required times:

  • Wave at Santa (2 mins)
  • Place the Xmas Fireplace (get it for free from the Featured tab in the Home Store)
  • Warm hands (Xmas Fireplace option; 24 mins)
  • Place ten Christmas decorations (you can use the cheapest ones from the Featured tab in the Home Store)
  • Build Snowman (2 hours 30 mins)
  • Sing eight carols with eight other Sims in front of different houses (11 hours 35 mins)

Reward: Light ‘n’ Lumber Pack (Home Store)

Day 2

When the timer allows, come back to complete Day 2 tasks:

  • Answer the phone call (4 mins)
  • Travel to the park
  • Have a conversation with Santa (30 mins)
  • Accept his request (45 mins)
  • Wait for Milly on the bench (2 hours 30 mins)
  • Have nine Sims ask about Milly on a phone (9 hours 30 minutes each)

Reward: Cabin Coffee Table

Day 3

It’s time for another set of tasks on your way to helping Santa:

  • Greet Milly (5 mins)
  • Get her attention (30 mins)
  • Use Rudolph in the park to go to Santa’s Cabin
  • Enjoy the view (from X marker; 2 hours 15 mins)
  • Look through a window (3 hours 15 mins)
  • Inspect the footprints in the snow (10 mins)
  • Have ten Sims clear snow from the snow mounds (9 hours 30 mins each)

Reward: Cabin Table Lamp

Day 4

New tasks are on the horizon—here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter Santa’s Cabin and investigate (X marker; 5 mins)
  • Panic (Ghoulia option; 10 mins)
  • Talk to Ghoulia (5 mins)
  • Have Sims search for 36 photo parts from household objects (5 hours 30 mins each)
  • Give Ghoulia collected photo parts (10 mins)
  • Dissuade the ghost (5 mins)
  • Have Sims use a phone to discuss Ghoulia in 12 calls (9 hours 30 mins each)

Reward: Warm Welcoming pack

Day 5

The next day brings you the following tasks:

  • Show the snow to Ghoulia (5 mins)
  • Chat with Milly (15 mins)
  • Ponder a solution on a chair/sofa (1 hour 16 mins)
  • Use Rudolph to go to Santa’s workshop
  • Find Pepper and talk (1 hour 50 mins)
  • Discuss perks with Milly (1 hour 15 mins)
  • Take a selfie with Milly (3 hours 20 mins)
  • Find Santa and talk to him (6 hours 15 mins)

Reward: Blissful Bathing pack

Day 6

New tasks await:

  • Use a kettle to make hot chocolate (12 mins)
  • Call Mrs. Claus using a phone (24 mins)
  • Go to a bookcase and read Bribing Birds (1 hour 16 mins)
  • Have Sims search for 64 seeds from household objects (9 hours 30 mins each)
  • Sprinkle seeds around the cabin (1 hour 15 mins)
  • Feed Pete from the X marker (4 hours 15 mins)

Reward: Alluring Apertures pack

Day 7

You’re almost halfway through—here’s a new set of tasks:

  • Ask Mrs. Claus about Pete using a phone (8 mins)
  • Sit on a sofa and reflect on past events (1 hour 16 mins)
  • Use Rudolph to go to the Ice Palace
  • Comfort the Ice Queen (2 hours 15 mins)
  • Have nine Sims discuss how to find Anna with other Sims (11 hours 35 mins)
  • Ask the Ice Queen about toys (1 hour 15 mins)
  • Place Anna’s Toy at the Ice Palace (4 hours 5 mins)

Reward: Couch Comfort pack

Day 8

When the time comes, you will need to complete the eighth set of tasks:

  • Reintroduce Anna (Ice Queen option; 30 mins)
  • Play acoustic carols at the outdoor fire at the cabin (2 hours 40 mins)
  • Use a phone to call Carole (8 mins)
  • Use a computer and have your Sim(s) compile 20 parts of the contract (9 hours 30 mins each)
  • Use Rudolph to go to Santa’s workshop again
  • Review the contract with Santa’s help (5 hours 15 mins)

Reward: Fence ‘n’ Fire pack

Day 9

Here’s the ninth set of tasks for this holiday-themed quest:

  • Travel to Santa’s cabin using Rudolph
  • Share quotes with Milly (10 mins)
  • Sit on a sofa and brainstorm (12 mins)
  • Use a pile of magazines to search for 21 examples of Mrs. Claus’ good deeds (8 hours each)
  • Use a bookcase to find the Ice Queen book (12 mins)
  • Find 21 photos of Carole on a computer (9 hours 30 mins each)

Reward: Cozy Chambers pack

Day 10

The quest is slowly wrapping up—here’s what you need to do on the tenth day:

  • Talk to Milly and present evidence (30 mins)
  • Talk to Santa on the phone and admit defeat (2 hours 40 mins)
  • Talk to Milly alongside Santa at the cabin (4 hours 10 mins)
  • Talk to Milly some more (5 hours)
  • Sit on a sofa and check social media (4 hours 30 mins)

Reward: Cabin Communion pack

Day 11

More tasks await on the eleventh day:

  • Talk to Milly and ask her to remove chirps (15 mins)
  • Sit on a sofa and ponder over posts (1 hour)
  • Sit on a dining chair and brainstorm campaigns (2 hours)
  • Have your Sim post 24 positive chirps from a sofa (9 hours 30 mins each)
  • Check in with Milly (4 hours 58 mins)

Reward: Heated Heights pack

Day 12

The end is just around the corner—your next tasks are:

  • Use an oven to prepare a Christmas turkey (4 mins 48 secs)
  • Search for 130 herbs from household objects (9 hours 30 mins each)
  • Carve the turkey (8 mins)
  • Have Milly take photos (5 mins)
  • Discuss new photos with Milly (15 mins)
  • Search 26 household items for the turkey (8 hours 30 mins each)

Reward: Cozy Cabin Cuisine pack

Day 13

The last set of tasks for this quest includes:

  • Sit on a sofa and check Milly’s chirps (8 mins)
  • Look for 174 traces of the Grouch from household objects (9 hours 30 mins each)
  • Inspect footprints outside (30 mins)
  • Check on Milly (10 mins)
  • Apologize to Santa (1 hour 15 mins)
  • Talk to Milly and suggest ways to help (10 mins)
  • Use a computer at the cabin to support Milly (2 hours 10 mins)
  • Sit at the dining table to join the Christmas feast (1 hour 8 mins)
  • Say farewell to Santa (4 hours 55 mins)
  • Go back home

Reward: Santa’s Cabin house template

Tips for Completing the Christmas Is In The Heir Quest in Sims Freeplay

To speed up the process and avoid waiting between days, you can use social points to jump ahead, but the price is not cheap.

If you need to finish those tasks that involve doing the same thing several times, use as many Sims as you can simultaneously, or you will run out of time if you let one Sim try to handle everything. You can also use Lifestyle Points to skip tasks.

There you have it! The task is finally complete! Enjoy your own Santa’s Cabin and other gifts and check out our other Sims Freeplay guides, including How to Get Unlimited Money or How to Reach Nirvana.

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