How to Get Unlimited Money in Sims Freeplay


The Sims Freeplay was released in 2012 and didn’t take long to become one of the most popular simulation games on mobile. Apart from allowing you to play offline, The Sims Freeplay is a beautiful game that lets you create a video game version of yourself and give them some of your own real-life traits and personalities.

You get to experience life as a Sim and endure the day-to-day ups and downs that come with living with other Sims with their own traits. You can get married, have kids, grow old and even die and become a ghost. The possibilities are endless in The Sims Freeplay and in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get unlimited money in Sims Freeplay.

How to Get Unlimited Money in Sims Freeplay

If you’re just starting out in Sims Freeplay, you’ll have little to no cash to spend until you get a high-paying job in one of the many career fields. And before you can get such jobs, you’ll spend quite some time honing your skills in order to reach the very top of the career ladder.


There are lots of careers in the game that pays relatively well especially when you’ve reached a high level. The Athlete job, for instance, is one of the highest (if not the highest) paying jobs at its top level and doesn’t require you to spend lots of hours at work. So if you’re going to be an athlete, build Promotions R Us, buy the soccer ball have your athletic Sims play with it often so they’ll get promoted which will lead to a bigger salary.

Being an artist also pays incredibly well at a high level. If your Sim earns 1,800 simoleons for 6 hours as a level 5 athlete, they can earn around 1,300 simoleons for 7 hours of work as a level 5 artist. Whatever career path you choose to take, be it becoming a Filmmaker, Firefighter, Medical Staff, or even Police Officer, these are all high-paying jobs but you’ll have to reach a high level to get the highest salary.


Gardening is also one of the most profitable ways of earning lots of simoleons in Sims Freeplay but you’ll have to plant the most profitable crops, and in this case, it’s Bell Peppers and corn. Once you harvest them, you can then sell them to the supermarket vendor.

You can also make a lot of money from catching rare fish and selling them. Do purchase a fishing hook from the supermarket and go fishing once in a while and catch as many fishes as you can.

Ultimately, the Sims is a game that’s inspired by real-life situations and conditions. So just as you don’t spend money frivolously or risk going broke, you shouldn’t spend simoleons on needless things either. You’ll have to work very hard to get lots of money in Sims Freeplay and be sure to keep your Sims inspired because inspired Sims will earn more money and XP. Keep them inspired by satisfying their needs.

When you’ve worked hard in a particular career field, you’ll reach a very high level where you’ll eventually be paid more money than you’ll know what to do with except buy furniture you wouldn’t even need. So while you won’t exactly be getting unlimited money, if you focus on a high-paying career field as the ones aforementioned, you’ll reach a point where money won’t be an issue in the game.

The only way to get unlimited money in Sims Freeplay is by downloading a Mod APK with unlimited simoleons and Life Points. This isn’t recommended for a game like Sims Freeplay as it takes away a significant part of the experience, which is having to go to work and work hard to climb the career ladder.

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How to Get Unlimited Money in Sims Freeplay


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