How to Complete All Volcanic Assassin Challenges in Fortnite

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Ongoing missions, dynamic gameplay, various modes, and thousands of unique skins are just a small part of what we love about Fortnite. New updates are permanently added to the game, during which something new is added to Fortnite. Sometimes these are global updates, and sometimes a set of skins that you can get by completing just a few simple tasks. Today we will talk about Volcanic Assassin Challenges and tell you how to get all the items from this mini update.

How to Complete All Volcanic Assassin Challenges in Fortnite

Volcanic Assassin Challenges is a new event in the world of Fortnite that has recently appeared in the game and will last until June 16, 2022. During this period, you have the opportunity to receive as many as four unique items:

  • Tectonic Complex Skin
  • Fiery Jam Back Bling
  • Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
  • Fiery Flow Wrap

While the items are completely free to obtain, you need to unlock them by completing three simple tasks.

Set Fire To 100 Buildings

Completing this challenge will unlock the Fiery Jam Back Bling. The easiest way to complete the task quickly is to build tree structures and burn them with fireflies. Fireflies fly in the places indicated on the map, and to catch them, you need to interact with them.

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If there are no fireflies nearby, but there is a gas station, this can also help you complete the task. You can fire buildings by blowing up cars and gas canisters, which will also count.

Survive 50 Storm Phases

Complete this task even easier than the previous one, and as a reward, you will unlock the Fiery Flow Wrap. To complete the task, you need to start the game and play, and after 7-10 games you will receive your reward.

Deal 2,100 Damage To Enemies

Even for a new player, dealing 2100 damage to enemies is an easy task. Enjoy the gameplay, and once the task is complete you will unlock the Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe.

Complete All Tasks
Once all three tasks are complete, you will unlock the Tectonic Komplex Skin, after which you will have all the items from the Volcanic Assassin Challenges event.

Although getting all the items is already very simple, the developers have simplified your task more. You need to go to the store and get the Volcanic Assassin Challenges to pack for free, and after that, you can complete it whenever you want. So if you are very busy, visit the game for 5 minutes to get a set, and unlock all the items when you have more free time.

Finally, let’s add some helpful information for players on consoles. If you’re playing on consoles, the Volcanic Assassin Challenges Pack will not appear in your store. You need to log into the game on PC and get the set, and after that, you can complete the task on any platform.

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How to Complete All Volcanic Assassin Challenges in Fortnite


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