Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is both a fresh and very familiar experience. While many of the series’ central mechanics are back in the game, most of them have seen some significant change that may leave some players confused.

Among these mechanics that have been changed, or rather expanded, in Monster Hunter Rise are wall climbing mechanics. The changes to these mechanics are related to the introduction of some other new mechanics, so if you are just starting out the game, you definitely have come to the right place to learn more about them.

How To Climb Walls In Monster Hunter Rise

With its renewed focus on verticality, Monster Hunter Rise lets players climb walls using different methods. The traditional method is just to get close to anything that looks climbable like ropes and vines and push the character toward it. While you are climbing, you can press the R button to climb faster.

The introduction of the Wirebug mechanics, and thus of new mobility options, allows you to climb walls in a much more efficient way. For short walls, you can simply jump over them by pressing the ZL button to aim the Wirebug and simply jump over them. You can also use this method to propel yourself towards any climbable object or use the wall to jump higher in the opposite direction.

Lastly, you can also climb walls in Monster Hunter Rise with the help of your Palamute companion. All you need to do is ride the companion animal, head towards any wall while holding the R button, and watch your animal friend climb any wall with you on its back. Like for the Wirebug method, you can also jump with the ZR button while riding a Palamute to hop over any short wall.

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