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How to Change Race in Disney Speedstorm

How to Change Race in Disney Speedstorm
Image via Disney/Disney Pixar
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Disney Speedstorm has an exciting variety of races to choose from aside from the usual Solos and Multiplayer, local or online choices. Race tracks are carved through your favorite Disney and Pixar worlds from Pirates of the Caribbean to The Jungle Book and beyond!

As each season drops, new tracks and racers will arrive, giving huge variety to each game as you compete to be the best. Read on to find out what races are available and how to change race in Disney Speedstorm.

All Available Races in Disney Speedstorm

As soon as you load up and get to the main screen you will find all the available game modes for both Solo and Multiplayer racers to compete locally or online. There are races to suit all levels of difficulty or chaos!

Starter Circuit – Get racing as soon as you load up with one of the easiest game modes Disney Speedstorm. This is the perfect game mode for newbies as it gets players used to how everything works, gives time to figure out tactics, and introduces them to different racing heroes.

Season Tour – Basically the next step up from the Starter Circuit with race sets within chapters, each with a unique Disney theme. These are timed races that can be played over weeks.

Limited Events – There are big rewards for these events such as coins, materials, and the in-game currency Shards. These are not for beginners and suit more seasoned racers so make sure you practice before jumping in to limited races.

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Image via Disney/Disney Pixar

Regulated Multiplayer – Every racer is on an equal footing in the regulated games with individual skill levels and upgrades set aside just for these races. Even Crew Members are rendered inactive during the regulated multiplayer games.

Ranked Multiplayer – If you are ready for a competition this game mode is perfect. Once you have your required upgrades and have leveled up to the point where you are comfortable going against other players you can jump into ranked games. Climb the ranks until you hit the Ultimate Champion category!

Local Free Play – Gather the family and your friends and challenge them to a game right there on the couch! Two players can race at a time with a split screen on the console, or 4 on the PC. No internet is required!

Image via Disney/Disney Pixar

Private Track – This private mode lets you invite a party of up to 8 players in total to perfectly organized races. The most fantastic thing about it is it allows crossplay so every friend can join, no matter what platform they are on.

Boss Challenge – Face up to some tough AI racers and even tougher bosses with challenges that test even the most talented racer.

Fog Challenge – A layer of thick fog covers the track and there is no mini-map to see so every racer must rely on their own knowledge of the track. It goes without saying that only more experienced players should attempt these special challenge tracks.

Image via Disney/Disney Pixar

Last One Standing – Get your heart racing as fast as your kart with this exciting mode! Racers are given two drones at the start of each game which are either shot down by another player’s drone, or can shoot down an opponent’s drone. Shoot down another’s drone to get boosted to the front of the race, but watch your back! The goal is to keep first place and not lose your drones.

Floating Objects – Jump up to collect the power-ups and speed-boosts to win the race! The key to these challenges is to time the jumps perfectly.

Single Skill – Every player can get the same skills by picking up skill boxes as they race. This is a great way to test how well your practice has been going, and to get used to using individual skills.

Begin with Starter races and friendly multiplayer matches and work your way up through specialized skill matches and bigger challenges. Soon you’ll be ruling the racetracks and getting stuck into competitive games in Disney Speedstorm.

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How to Change Race in Disney Speedstorm


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