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Best Class to Choose in Disney Speedstorm

Best Class to Choose in Disney Speedstorm
Image via Disney/Disney Pixar
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Take the racetrack by storm in Disney Speedstorm by choosing the right class of racer for your playstyle. There are multiple racers to choose from, each with a specific assigned class giving them useful bonuses and unique skills. The best class of racer really depends on what you prefer to do on the racetrack so read on to find out which class you should choose.

Disney Speedstorm Racer Class Guide

Each of the racers belongs to one of four Classes: Speedster, Trickster, Brawler, and Defender. No Class in Disney Speedstorm is easier to learn than another so whichever you pick you will be on a similar learning curve to your competitors. Racer Classes have bonuses and skill sets unique to their style, so let’s go through them now to see which you feel fits your racing needs.

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Image via Disney/Disney Pixar

Class Bonuses

Stats Bonuses occur passively and depend on the class they are applied to. Speedster Class receives a top speed boost, Trickster Class receives a speed boost, Brawler Class has a boost to their handling, and Defender Class get an acceleration or combat boost.

Dash bonuses are rewarded after you score a hit on an opponent, and the manual boost bonuses give an extra boost charge for specific moves:

ClassStats BonusDash BonusManual Boost Bonus
SpeedsterTop SpeedAuto-Boost After HitExtra Charge For Manual Boost Bar From Boost Pads
TricksterBoostConfuses Rival After HitExtra Charge For Manual Boost Bar From Drift Boosting
BrawlerHandlingStuns Rival After HitExtra Charge For Manual Boost Bar From Stunning Rivals
DefenderAcceleration/CombatGrants Shield After HitExtra Charge For Manual Boost Bar From Racing in Rivals Slipstream
Image via Disney/Disney Pixar

Disney Speedstorm Skills: Class, Common, and Unique

Each of the four classes have two focus skills with one of those skills assigned to a racer of that class. They are also assigned three common skills that are not unique to their class or racer. The unique skills are actually specific to each racer and are given cute Disney themed names inspired by the character.

CharacterClassSkillCommon SkillUnique Skill
Mickey MouseSpeedsterRushShot, Bomb, ShieldTrailblazer
BelleSpeedsterBoostFire, Cloak, HackEnchanted Mirror
MowgliSpeedsterRushBoost, Fire, CloakOne of the Pack
MulanTricksterHackBoost, Fire, ShieldFirework Barrage
MegaraTricksterBombBoost, Cloak, FireGrecian Burn
Jack SparrowTricksterHackShot, Cloak, RushCutlass Fury
Donald DuckBrawlerFireCloak, Bomb, BoostWhy I Oughta…
HerculesBrawlerShotBoost, Cloak, HackOlympian Fury
BeastBrawlerShotBoost, Hack, ShieldEnchanted Rose
ShangDefenderShieldFire, Rush, BombMilitary Might
ElizabethDefenderCloakShot, Boost, HackJade Captain’s Knot
BalooDefenderShieldShot, Boost, HackBare Necessities

So who to choose from that amazing list of characters? Of course you could always go with the character you love from your favorite Disney film, or you could choose based on play style. If you enjoy a hands-on race full of up-close action then you will love Brawler Class. If you are a quick and smart racer who can outwit your opponent then choose Trickster Class. If your play style is more of a doge-and-weave racer then pick the Defender Class. Finally, if the kind of race you love is fast and furious then you need to be a Speedster Class.

Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to have the most fun you have ever had on a racetrack with Disney Speedstorm.

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Best Class to Choose in Disney Speedstorm


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