How to change family name in Black Desert Online
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Being a widely popular action MMORPG, Black Desert Online offers a plethora of customization features to the players when they start their journey in the game. Black Desert Online is well known for its visuals, character creation and customization, combat, and other things. In the pool of game-related jargons that players see when they log into Black Desert for the first time, there is a thing called Family Name, and today we are going to talk about it, and how players can change their family name, once created. 

In Black Desert Online, there are two types of names that players can give to a newly created first character – a family name and a character name.

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The family name is the main name by which you are known in the game. Every other player can see your family name, as it pop’s up atop your in-game character head. The family name cannot be changed once created, and it will remain the same even if you switch a server. Meanwhile, the character name is Black Desert Online comes in handy in managing different characters.

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Now that we have given the basic gist of Black Desert’s family name feature. Let us move on to the main guide, where we discuss how players can change their wrongly created family name in Black Desert Online.

How can I change my family name in Black Desert Online

As of now, there is only one way to change a family name in Black Desert Online, and it is a paid method, so if you are looking for a free way to change family name, we are sorry but that is not possible – at least for now.

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Moving forward, to change the family name, players will have to purchase the Family Name change coupon from the in-game store. Navigate to the Etc section of the store page (Pearl Shop>Misc.>Etc). There you can find the Family name change coupon for 1200 pearls. Buy the coupon and it will move to your Pearl inventory.

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Use Black Desert Online’s family name change coupon and you can change your family name. Also, keep in mind that a family name change takes place after the next maintenance. So, even if you have changed your family name in Black Desert Online, it will not reflect in-game till the game goes under maintenance.

Black Desert Mobile is a free to play MMORPG currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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