Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario games aren’t exactly known for their high challenge level, but less experienced players may still want to lower the difficulty level so as to better understand any game’s mechanics without feeling pressured. This is the same in Mario Golf: Super Rush, a game that is not exactly challenging, but whose ins and outs can be difficult to grasp on the fly.

So, is it possible to change difficulty in Mario Golf: Super Rush? Let us find out.

How to Change Difficulty in Mario Golf: Super Rush

At this time, it is sadly not possible to change difficulty in Mario Golf: Super Rush. All play modes in Free Play as well as Golf Adventure Mode, all come with a set difficulty level that cannot be changed. This is definitely a problem for newcomers to the series, or for those who are not that familiar with golf, but you shouldn’t give up on the game just yet.

If you’re just starting out, and can’t seem to win in any of the game’s modes, there are a few ways to learn the Mario Golf: Super Rush mechanics without having to drop the difficulty level. The already mentioned Golf Adventure Mode is the perfect mode to play if you’re finding the game too difficult in general, as it features the Golf Coach’s skill tests that teach you the game’s most important mechanics. You can also take advantage of the Practice Course to improve your golfing skills and get more used to the mechanics.

Once you have gotten more comfortable with the game, you should still continue playing Adventure Mode until its end, as, by doing so, you will be able to customize your Mii character in any way you want. By creating the perfect character for your playstyle, you will no longer feel the need to drop the game’s difficulty.

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