Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush features a rather diverse character roster featuring different characters all coming with unique abilities and stats. These, however, would mean very little if you were to play on some basic courses, but thankfully the game does deliver in this sense, featuring some unique golf courses that will make each character’s special abilities shine.

Not all courses, however, are available right from the start of the game. Here’s what you need to do to unlock all of them.

How to Unlock All Mario Golf: Super Rush Courses

Mario Golf: Super Rush features 8 different courses. The main 6 courses are available in the Standard Golf and Speed Golf modes, while the Super Golf Stadium has 2 unique layouts and is only available in the Battle Golf Mode.

Of all the courses, only Rookie Course is available from the start. All the others have to be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

Rookie Course

The Rookie Course stays true to its name by being a somewhat standard golf course without hazards, perfect for newbies to learn the game. This course is available from the start of the game.

Bonny Greens

Bonny Greens is yet another standard golf course that’s great to practice in, only that this course features some water hazards and some trickier terrain, making it more challenging than the Rookie Course. This course can be unlocked by playing 18 holes of Golf on the Rookie Course or clearing the course in Adventure Mode.

Ridgerock Lake

Ridgerock Lake is way more challenging than the previous two courses, as it sees players navigate harsh terrain and deal with a variety of hazards, including a tornado that must be used to move between levels. To unlock this course, you either have to play 18 holes of Golf on the Bonny Greens course or clear the Course in Adventure Mode.

Balmy Dunes

Balmy Dunes is a desert course featuring some classic Mario desert enemies, a somewhat straightforward design, and little to no water hazards. To unlock this course, either play 18 holes of Golf on the Ridgerock Lake course or complete the course in Adventure Mode.

Wildweather Woods

Strong winds and unpredictable weather are what make the Wildweather Woods course one of the most challenging in the game. You will also have to deal with sudden thunderstorms, Piranha Plants, and all sorts of dangers, so play this course only once you have reached a decent skill level. To unlock this course, either play 18 holes of Golf on the Balmy Dunes course or completing the course in Adventure Mode.

Bowser Highlands

Being themed around Bowser, you should already know what to expect out of this course: lava pools, fire bars, a complex castle-like design, and tons of classic enemies. To unlock this course, you either have to play 18 holes of Golf in the Wildweather Woods course or clear the Bowser Highlands course in Adventure Mode.

Super Golf Stadium

The Super Golf Stadium is among the most unique courses that ever appeared in the Mario Golf series. It features two different layouts, called Strategic and Technical, both filled with hazards, and it can only be played in Battle Golf mode. Thankfully, you don’t have to do anything to unlock this course, as it is available from the start.

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