How to Catch Bittybolt in Coromon

How to Catch Bittybolt in Coromon

Coromon has many unique creatures that you can encounter as you travel through the game world. If you want one of them to become part of your team, you can try to catch them, but this is not always easy. You will need to defeat these coromons and use the right spinner to increase your chances of catching them. In this article, we will talk about the coromon Bittybolt, as well as tell you how to catch it.

How to Catch Bittybolt in Coromon

The Bittybolt is a small but strong electric-type coromon of uncommon rarity.

Outwardly, it looks like a small lion cub with fluffy paws, tufts of fur on its cheeks and on its tail, and black stripes on its back and head.

Like every other coromon in the game, Bittybolt comes in 3 colors, depending on its strength:

  • Weak – yellow
  • Strong – orange
  • Perfect – blue

Also, after reaching level 30, Bittybolt evolves into Toravolt. After that, it becomes much stronger and more dangerous for your opponents. But before you evolve it, you need to catch it.

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How to catch Bittybolt:

  • First of all, you need to go to the Wostin Desert location.
  • After that, you need to reach the center of the desert and enter the cave, as this is where this coromon lives.
  • Be careful, as the sand in this cave is incredibly hot, and if the heat gauge on the side of the screen fills up, you will simply burn out and have to go here again. Move along the rocks, rest in the tents placed around the territory and use the Sol Soda. By doing all this, you will safely pass the deadly sands.
  • Sooner or later, wandering around the cave, you will find Bittybolt.
  • You will need to fight it and win.
  • We recommend using the Static Spinner to catch it, as it is the best choice for catching electric coromons. But if you want to catch this coromon with a 100% chance, then use the Platinum Spinner, which has a 100% chance to catch any coromon.
  • Bittybolt also loves to sleep, and if you find it sleeping, you can use the Dream Spinner to capture it.

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How to Catch Bittybolt in Coromon


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