How to Evolve Patterbit in Coromon

How to Evolve Patterbit in Coromon

Coromon has recently appeared in the gaming world but has already managed to attract a lot of attention. Just by looking at the game, it becomes immediately clear that the game was inspired by the Pokémon series, and of course, the games have some similar mechanics. One of these mechanics is the evolution of coromons, and in this article, we will tell you how to evolve coromon Patterbit.

How to Evolve Patterbit in Coromon

Patterbit is a common-type coromon of uncommon rarity.

Outwardly, this coromon looks like a robotic insect that has yellow glasses, red paws, and ears, as well as a small helicopter rotor on its back, thanks to which it can fly.

Depending on the strength of the coromon, you can encounter three different colors of Patterbit:

  • Weak – red-green
  • Strong – lime-orange
  • Perfect – blue-violet

Like most other coromons, Patterbit can evolve:

  • Level 30 – Pitterbyte
  • Level 60 – Cyberite

Evolving into Cyberite is not difficult, since it simply requires reaching level 60, and given the strength of this coromon, it will not be difficult to do so. But before that, you need to evolve Patterbit into Pitterbyte, and for this, you need the Pitterbyte Kernel item. Here’s how to get it:

  • Go to Donar Island and visit the worker’s house.
  • There you will meet the NPC Julian and you will need to go through a small storyline with him.
  • You need to get Pitterbyte Kernel from him for free. Then it turns out that he gave you a fake.
  • You need to talk to him again, after which he will remove the broken part from your coromon.
  • After that, you can buy a real Pitterbyte Kernel from him for 1000 coins.

In the end, just to add, if you are lucky enough to get a coromon like Patterbit, be sure to level up it because it will become an incredibly powerful ally.

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How to Evolve Patterbit in Coromon


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