How to Catch A Walleye in Stardew Valley – Guide


Stardew Valley remains one of the finest simulation games with millions of players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and of course mobile. There’s a lot you can do in the game from rearing domestic animals, going fishing, and gathering useful resources to help you survive.

As a proud farm owner in a beautiful valley, fishing is one of the most common activities you’ll undertake in the game and is also a mini-task that doesn’t take up a lot of time to complete. So in this brief guide, we’ll be showing you how to catch a Walleye in Stardew Valley.

How to Catch A Walleye in Stardew Valley – Guide

Like many other fishes in the game, there are certain times and seasons that they appear. The Walleye, on the other hand, can be found in lakes, forest ponds, and rivers. If you’re seeking the most common spawn location, then you should go to either the Pelican Town River, Mountain Lake, or the Cindersap Forest Pond.


The Walleye is usually available to catch from 12 PM to 2 AM. So upon reaching any of the rivers, lakes, or ponds of your choice, be sure to have enough energy to take you through that time as you may have to stick around waiting for the fish to appear, and even after it does, it might take a while to catch.

Unlike some other fishes that are hard to catch, the Walleye isn’t a particularly difficult fish to catch. You should have accurate timing when attempting to catch one as well.

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The fish is only available to catch during the fall and winter seasons and like the Eel, it has to be raining before you can catch the Walleye. And if it’s not raining, you may have to go for a Rain Totem, a special item that can alter the weather to rain the next day even if it’s not a rainy season.

However, you’ll have to be at Foraging Level 9 to make the Rain Totem and you’ll need the below items:

• 1 x Hardwood

• 1 x Truffle Oil

• 5 x Pine Tar

After crafting the Rain Totem, place it on your land, and upon activating it, the weather will change which should increase your chances of catching the Walleye.

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How to Catch A Walleye in Stardew Valley – Guide


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