All the players of Terraria want to know how to catch a Chaos fish. The reason for this is that this crafting material is pretty rare; its rarity level is 4. A Chaos fish is worth 3 Gold coins. To duplicate this item, you will need to get it three times. So, as you see, it is not that simple to catch a Chaos fish. Still, it is quite possible if you follow our instructions. Just continue reading this article, and we will let you know how to catch a Chaos fish and for what you need it. Let’s get it started!

​Reasons to Catch a Chaos Fish in Terraria

We are sure that you will need a Chaos fish in Terraria. Every player is in search of it because it is an essential element in the Teleportation Potions. Also, you can produce Seafood Dinners with its help.

​Ways to Catch a Chaos Fish in Terraria

As you may know, a Chaos fish is a Hardmode one. It isn’t very easy to catch it as it is rare. For you to grab it, you will need to be in the Underground Hallow for it. So, for reaching optimal fishing power, the pond must include not less than 300 water tiles. Also, you will need a shack with platforms near the water (the platforms aim to protect the floor). Please switch from a fiberglass pole to the feral double rod (post plantera) or the rift reeler (post golem). They are beneficial because of their ability to cast multiple lines. This way you will be able to see more fish.

So, this is how you can catch a Chaos Fish in Terraria. Just give it a shot!

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