MIR4 heroes overview

In MIR4, players have the opportunity to earn money. The game uses the play-to-earn NFT system. You need to farm Darksteel and then melt it into a Draco-own utility token. To make one Draco, you will need 100,000 Darksteel + a small fee paid in Darksteel. And today we will tell you how to Cash Out in MIR4.

How to Withdraw Money in MIR4

  • Remember that you can Cash Out to your WeMix wallet only after reaching the minimum amount of DRACO balance.
  • By selecting DEX in your Wallet, go to the DRACO trading page. In the Sell tab, enter how many DRACO you want to sell and then click Sell.
  • Now, your Draco is converted into WeMix credits.
  • Then convert WeMix credits to WeMix token, the exchange rate is 1: 1.
  • Click on WeMix Credit, and in the opened page choose Exchange to WeMix. Enter how many WeMix credits you want to cash out or just press the Max button for all your WeMix credit.
  • After you enter the password, you will see Exchange in Progress, and then your WeMix credits will change to the WeMix token balance on the main page.
  • To take the WeMix token outside of your WeMix wallet, you need to send it to the Gate.IO wallet.
  • Choose the WeMix in a wallet and find Send Token, click it.
  • In your Gate.IO account, find the Deposit option and in the Coin selection, find the WeMix coin.
  • Then copy the QR code and paste it into the WeMix wallet.
  • Next, choose Max to transfer all your tokens. Re-enter your password.
  • Now in your Gate.IO wallet, you have your tokens.
  • Finally, you can convert your tokens to USDT. On the Trade page, find WeMix-USDT.
  • And you can cash out via GCash, sending the USDT balance to your Binance wallet and then transfer to GCash.

Good luck!

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