Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise don’t always have to be slain! In fact, some quests require you to subdue and capture the monster instead. Capturing monsters requires a few key items, but it’s pretty easy to do overall. Today, we’ll show you how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise!

How to Capture Monsters

Capturing monsters is Monster Hunter Rise requires some prep work, but other than that, it’s fairly straightforward. Make sure to bring some Tranq Bombs and Shock/Pitfall Traps with you into the hunt if you’re planning on capturing your target.

  • Pitfall Trap: 1 net, 1 trap tool
  • Shock Trap: 1 thunderbug, 1 trap tool
  • Tranq Bomb: 1 sleep herb, 1 parashroom

Once you’ve got your trapping supplies, it’s time to start your quest. Pick a quest that has the monster you want as the main target, and then fight it as usual. If you’ve accepted a capture quest, exercise caution—especially if your weapon is very strong—as accidentally killing the monster will result in a failed quest.

You’ve probably noticed in the past that when a monster is low on health, it will start limping around as it tries to flee. You may have also noticed a blue monster face icon below the monster portrait in the top right corner of the screen. Both the limping and the blue icon represent the monster’s weakened state, which means they’re ready to capture!

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Use one of your traps to plant it in the ground below you. You’ll need to force the monster into it, so it’s a good idea to stand behind it as the monster tries to attack you. Eventually, the monster should run right into the trap, which will trigger it and stun the monster for a few seconds. Quickly equip your Tranq Bombs and toss them at the monster until they fall asleep. Congratulations—you’ve just captured a monster!

You might be wondering when you should capture monsters, instead of killing them. Well, aside from the obvious answer of capturing when a quest tells you to, you can also complete normal quests by capturing monsters. The reason being is that certain monster parts have higher chances of dropping when the monster is captured instead of killed, though this varies heavily from monster to monster. Be sure to consult your Hunter Notes for the exact drops!

That concludes our guide on capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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