During their time in Monster Hunter Rise, players will have to gather a lot of different items that can be used as material to forge new weapons and armor. All this collecting is what makes the Monster Hunter Rise experience so fun, but also a little frustrating, especially if you do not know how to find a specific material.

Here’s how to get one of these materials, the Lightcrystal, and which weapons and armors you can forge with it.

Where to Get Lightcrystal

Getting the Lightcrystal isn’t particularly difficult, but it can definitely be time consuming. The Lightcrystal can be obtained in both Low Rank and High Rank Quests in Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest. White Mining Outcrops have a higher chance of yielding Lightcrystal, and you can highlight their location on the map by opening it, press the X button and select Mining Outcrops in the Material 2 list.

The White Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest are located in areas 2, 3, 7 and 10 of the map, and a higher number of them can spawn if there is an Upsurge. To learn if this is the case, you need to press the R button to check the Locale info when you are selecting an expedition to embark on.

Lightcrystal Usage

Below, you will find a list of weapons and armor sets that can be forged with the Lightcrystal.


Forged Weapons

Kamura Tree

  • Kamura Blade V (2)
  • Kamura C. Blade V (2)
  • Kamura Chorus V (2)
  • Kamura Cleaver V (2)
  • Kamura Glintblades V (2)
  • Kamura Gunlance V (2)
  • Kamura H. Bowgun V (2)
  • Kamura Hammer V (2)
  • Kamura Iron Axe V (2)
  • Kamura Iron Bow V (2)
  • Kamura L. Bowgun V (2)
  • Kamura Spear V (2)
  • Kamura Sword V (2)

Ore Tree 2

  • Babel Spear I (3)

Thunder Tree

  • Drill Lance I (2)

Bnahabra Tree

  • Rielle Nulo I (2)

Rathian Tree

  • Princess Regalia I (2)

Almudron Tree

  • Mud Shot I (3)

Felyne Tree

  • Felyne Bow I (2)

Magia Tree

  • Magia Charm I (2)
  • Magia Pitareen I (2)

Guild Tree 2

  • Altair I (2)

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Upgraded Weapons

Ore Tree

  • Fighter Sword (1)
  • Jaeger I (1)
  • Keen Edge I (2)
  • Regas Hyper (1)
  • War Hammer I (1)

Bone Tree

  • Cross Blitz (1)

Great Sword Tree

  • Axeblade I (3)

Ice Tree

  • Frozen Core II (1)
  • Gelid Mind I (2)

Fire Tree

  • Heat Lance II (2)

Thunder Tree

  • Eager Cleaver I (2)

Bnahabra Tree

  • Rielle Nulo I (1)
  • Secta Unu (1)

Bnahabra (Ice)

  • Fiore Nulo White I (1)

Bnahabra (Paralysis)

  • Rielle Nulo Green I (1)
  • Vicello Nulo Green I (1)

Barroth Tree

  • Carapace Mace I (1)

Lagombi Tree

  • Ivory Rabbit II (2)

Khezu Tree

  • Khezu Axe I (1)


Low Rank Armor

Ingot Set

  • Ingot Greaves (1)

Wroggi Set

  • Wroggi Mail (1)

Kulu Set

  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Helm (1)

Pukei Set

  • Pukei-Pukei Helm (2)

Rathian Set

  • Rathian Helm (2)

Basarios Set

  • Basarios Vambraces (1)

Khezu Set

  • Khezu Mail (1)

Barioth Set

  • Barioth Mail (2)

Almudron Set 

  • Almudron Helm (2)

Jelly Set

  • Jelly Hat (1)

Utsushi Set (Visible)

  • Utsushi Braces (V) (1)
  • Utsushi Greaves (V) (1)

Utsushi Set (Hidden)

  • Utsushi Braces (H) (1)
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) (1)

Channeler Set

  • Channeler Hope (1)
  • Channeler Hakama (1)

Medium Set

  • Medium’s Prayer (1)
  • Medium’s Hakama (1)

What are you using your Lightcrystal for? Also, is there anything else you’d like to learn about Monster Hunter Rise? Leave a comment down below and we’ll help you out!

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