Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Get a Bombadgy Igniter


Monster Hunter Rise is engaging right from the start, thanks to its gameplay which allows players to hunt down monsters and obtain materials that can be used to craft all sorts of gear for even tougher battles later on.

Among the materials that you’ll need to forge new weapons and armor sets is the Bombadgy Igniter. Here’s where to find the item and what you can craft with it.

Where to get a Bombadgy Ingniter in Monster Hunter Rise

The Bombadgy Igniter is a material that can only be acquired by carving the body of a Bombadgy, a monster that appears in the Shrine Ruins map. Every time you carve a Bombadgy body, you have a 30% chance of getting a Bombadgy Igniter. Drop rates do not change between low and high rank.

Bombadgy Igniter Usage

The Bombadgy Igniter is used to forge weapons, armor, and craft a specific decoration. It can also be sold for 50 zenny. You can find all the items that can be created with this material below.


Forged Weapons

  • Bnahabra Tree
    • Fiore Nulo I (3)
  • Bombadgy Tree
    • Grass Flute I (3)
  • Magia Tree
    • Magia Pitareen I (3)

Upgraded Weapons

  • Fire Tree
    • Heat Lance I (3)
  • Bnahabra
    • Secta Nulo Red I (3)
  • Bombadgy Tree
    • Bombadgy’s Cry (5)


Low Rank Armor

  • Hunter Set
    • Hunter’s Vambraces (1)


  • Antiblast Jewel 1 (2)

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Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Get a Bombadgy Igniter


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