How to Capture Familiars in NI No Kuni Cross World


Have you already tried playing NI No Kuni Cross World? This exciting game is full of amazing creatures that can become your pets if you tame them. These creatures are called familiars, and they can become handy in combat or quests.

Are you interested in getting more information on how to capture familiars in NI No Kuni Cross World? Great! We have created a detailed guide covering this topic. Keep reading to be in the loop.

How to Get Familiars and Where to Find Them

Let us cover the ways of getting familiars in the game.

For the first, hatching eggs will lead you to this result. You can either get 3 eggs by means of waiting or by purchasing a quick hatch. Once completed, you will get a familiar whose rating will be random. Want to boost it? Then we recommend trying rerolling!

To get more eggs, you can purchase incubators. This way, you will get a chance to select the type of egg you are interested in.

Another way is to proceed with trade-ups for familiars you own (there is no guaranteed egg drop in this case).

And the last option is to complete your daily missions.

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Moreover, there is one more opportunity for you to get eggs: you may tame them in the wild. Each familiar has a definite regional spawn. So this means that one won’t be able to find familiars everywhere on the map.

Now you know all the possible ways to capture familiars in NI No Kuni Cross World. You can choose any method that seems to be the best for you. Alternatively, you can combine them or even try them all! We wish you good luck in reaching your aim! have fun playing.

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How to Capture Familiars in NI No Kuni Cross World


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