How to Capture an Eidolon in Warframe

Eidolons in Warframe are one of few bosses in the game’s open-world areas. They are formidable opponents to defeat, and it takes effort to achieve victory. However, capturing one of them is an even bigger challenge. You will need to defeat one of the Eidolons under specific circumstances to accomplish the task. This guide will tell you about all the basic steps you will need to follow to achieve this goal.

Guide to Start Eidolon Hunting in Warframe

Capturing an Eidolon in Warframe is difficult especially for a new player, who doesn’t know what to do. Usually, you will be in a team with 3 other players and there is a big chance that some of them will know what to do. But if you don’t want to rely on somebody else all the time, and want to become experienced in capturing Eidolons, then you should read about the basics. Of course, to start encountering Eidolons, you will need to complete The War Within quest and get access to Operator’s weapons via meeting with Quills on Cetus.

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The basics of capturing any Eidolon is simple enough and you will be able to understand it after the first capture. You will need to find 2 Eidolon Lures. It is a strange flying mechanism that you need to find in Grineer camps and hack it. Then you will need to charge both lures with 3 Vomvalysts. These are little flying Eidolons that you have to destroy, and when they will go into their spectral form let them charge into one of the Lures.

When you finally charged Lures and found one of the big Eidolons, you will need to fight it. Destroy its shields with beams, destroy special points on its limbs and joints called Synovia, kill smaller Eidols that will try to heal it. Eventually, you will defeat the Eidolon and with both Lures near it, you will be able to accomplish the capturing process.

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