Girl Cafe Gun is a fun and unique mix of casual, action, and RPG. You get to manage a cafe, team up with powerful characters, and also slay some Archdemons.

To gain an upper hand in battle, you’ll need to have a diverse team of characters with different abilities. However, there are some conditions for building the perfect roster. Moreover, you might want to adjust the team proficiency for each activity and battle.

Girl Cafe Gun: A Guide on How to Build a Team

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First of all, you can create 6 different teams at any given time, though you can take only one of them into battle. You can name and rename each team.

To build a team, you need to have the following:

  • (at least) 1 character
  • up to 3 main characters, with up to 3 assists
  • a weapon that can be combined with up to 4 dissimilar categories

To check whether your selected team is fit for the mission, you can check the ‘Team Proficiency’ indicator. The higher the proficiency, the higher the chances of winning, and the larger the amount of Crystala won.

If you can’t think of a powerful deck, you can use the scramble option to put together a team quickly.

For limited-time events, you can switch the cards a little to gain some edge. You can find these details under the ‘Activity Earnings’ tab.

You swap the card loadout beforehand or just before attacking. To do so beforehand, tap the ‘Teams’ button.

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How to Build Your Team in Girl Cafe Gun


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