To increase content and replayability, many live service games add daily tasks and missions that players can do to earn some additional rewards. Girl Cafe Gun is no exception to that. It also offers a daily task system, where players take on ten missions each day to earn rewards ranging from free Crystals to Weapon Enhancers and Merit.

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In this Girl Cafe Gun daily tasks guide, we will talk about everything you should know about daily tasks.

Where to Find Daily Tasks in Girl Cafe Gun

Players can find the Girl Cafe Gun daily tasks in the Mission section at the main menu interface. It is located in the bottom right corner and is easy to spot.

Once you click on the Mission tab, you can see the list of daily missions under “Today’s Mission: 0/10.” There, you can complete different challenges to earn Activity Points.

When do Daily Tasks Refresh in Girl Cafe Gun?

The daily tasks in Girl Cafe Gun refresh at 4:00 in the morning every day. It is subject to change based on your region. The general refresh time for Girl Cafe Gun’s daily tasks is UTC-4. You can convert it based on your Timezone to check the exact time when the daily tasks refresh.

Daily Tasks Rewards in Girl Cafe Gun

Here is the list of rewards that you can earn by doing daily tasks in Girl Cafe Gun.

  • 10 Points: 10,000 Crystalas
  • 25 Points: 10,000 Crystalas, 1 T3 Universal BFDB, 1 T3 Weapon Enhancer, 300 Merit
  • 50 Points: 20,000 Crystalas, 1 Red-lipped Alice, 200 Coffee Coins, 300 Merit
  • 75 Points: 20,000 Crystalas, 1 Std. Weapon Request, 600 Ionus Battery, 400 Merit
  • 100 Points: 50,000 Crystalas, 20 Merkel Unit, 50 Earth Coins, 600 Merit

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There are ten missions under daily tasks in Girl Cafe Gun. Each mission rewards players with a certain amount of activity points. When players reach 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 activity points, they can claim a variety of rewards, including Merit (used to unlock levels)—granted you have the battle pass. Even if you don’t have the game’s battle pass, you can get every reward mentioned above, except for Merits.

How to Quickly Earn Activity Points in Girl Cafe Gun

Players can earn around 75 activity points by doing the below actions.

  • Interact (touching head) with any girl for five times.
  • Purchase the free item from the game’s store.
  • Produce at least one cup of coffee.
  • Arrange a training at the cafe.
  • Receive all energy given by your friends.

Girl Cafe Gun is a 2D gacha game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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