Girl Cafe Gun is a gacha-based twin-stick action shooter game where players try to survive an outbreak caused by a form of energy called Ionus. In this game, players take the role of the commander of Squad 08, who teams up with characters called “Girls” to counter the Archdemons created by the outbreak.

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While demon-slaying and collecting different character cards to unlock new Girls to strengthen your team is the main motive of the game, there also lies a chill side of the gameplay where you take the role of a cafe manager.

How to Reroll in Girl Cafe Gun

At your cafe, you can spend time with the Girls. Take them on dates, increase your intimacy level by giving them gifts, decorate your cafe, unlock new outfits for the Girls, and more. 

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There is a lot you can do in your cafe. However, for the majority of the time, you will either be taking the Girls on a date or decorating your cafe.

We already have a guide on the latter one, so today, we will share the best gifts for every Girl in Girl Cafe Gun.

Best Gifts for Every Girl in Girl Cafe Gun

There are two kinds of gifts you can give to the Girls in Girl Cafe Gun. The first one increases Intimacy points by 75, while the second one will give you 375 Intimacy points. So far, these are the best gifts for the Girls in the game. 

GIRLGifts that Give +75 Intimacy PointsGifts that Give +375 Intimacy Points
RococoHoney MilkSwiss Roll
Yuki KikuriHigh-Quality TeaClover Omamori
Nola MoonAnatomy BookFamous Vinyl Record
CorneliaSpecial Artillery BookIllegal Firearm Part
Irene WhiteVintage Movie PosterFashion Accessory
Lida RomeroCactus PotSupermarket Coupon
Shi WuxiaDatebookFountain Pen
Su XiaozhenConcert LampDelicacy Collection
Grainne DraserExquisite HairbandLuxury Kitchenware
Juno EmmonsHandmade Apple Pie Competition Skates
Eksistere KyreniaSalmon Ice-CreamAdv. Rubik’s Cube
Shi WuyouBluetooth EarpiecePolaroid

Girl Cafe Gun is a 2D gacha game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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