Girl Cafe Gun Cafe Customization Guide

Did you know that you can upgrade your Cafe in Girl Cafe Gun in multiple ways? For example, after customization, you will have more sitting places for your clients, new furnishings will add coziness, and you will be able to get more Crystals (up to 90%) and speed up the recovery of your mood (up to 8 points/h). In this guide, we will share the main tips on customization of your Cafe in Girl Cafe Gun.

​What Can Be Customized

First, you may get some furnishing to decorate two bedrooms that are in your possession and your shop (e.g., carpet, seats, or different types of wall decorations).

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Secondly, some things can significantly modify the appearance of your Cafe. By these items, we mean the changed look of all of your gates, walls (whether they will be covered by some objects or not), bar, and floor. Windows can also be decorated in the shop and bedrooms. Also, you can modify the lighting of your Cafe for it to look unique.

Third, do not forget to pay attention to the backyard and its customization.

​What Can You Get Additionally?

Besides some standard decorations, you can also purchase extra ones to set everything up in the best way in the Furniture Store (the button on the Cafe screen, or you can also open the decoration page and hit “Store”). In the upper right-hand corner, you will be able to locate all of the filters necessary for the purchase.

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How to Apply Decorations

When decorating a non-backyard area, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the area you want to decorate.
  • Hit Decor.
  • The upper panel lets you check the comfort value, get back to default decoration, cancel the non-saved changes, save the applied changes, and quit the page with no changes used.

Also, in Store, you will be able to purchase multiple items. If you do not want to decorate everything manually, you may use RoSE presets (some are already in your possession, while others can be bought).

Once the changes are applied, and you are pleased with them, hit the button Confirm.

When decorating the area of the backyard, choose the Backyard Decor. At the top, your training rewards will be indicated. At the bottom, you will see the styles of the backyard you have already acquired. Here, you will also need to click Confirm after you have applied the desired changes.

So, now you know the basics about the customization of your Girl Cafe Gun Cafe. Use these tips to reach new levels in the game!

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