Don’t let Cornelia’s cute appearance deceive you in Girl Cafe Gun, as she is actually a ruthless mercenary. She is very rational and gets the job done in the most effective way. She’s the demolitionist of Squad 08 and is able to fulfill both the support and damage dealer roles if you choose the correct variation. This guide will tell you about Cornelia and her different character cards in Girl Cafe Gun.

Cornelia in Girl Cafe Gun

Cornelia in Girl Cafe Gun has four different character cards. All of them differ by rarity, abilities, and strength. The rarest of them is the strongest. Next, we’ll take a look at her variations and their main features.

Official Dress Cornelia is a common card. She is able to fulfill the support role and is especially good against Mechanical Bosses. Her main abilities improve your team’s Stagger damage and Critical hit rate. She also has some resistance against Paralyze status. You can acquire this card via standard supplies.

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Maid Cornelia is a super rare card. Despite this, she is probably the weakest. Her abilities are mostly about dealing damage, but there’s not a whole lot of output. You can use her on the Firepower position, but we recommend you find someone stronger for this role. You can acquire this variation via special activities.

Casual Cornelia is a super rare variation. This is one of the best assaults with the Erosive attribute. Her abilities are based on dealing damage, improving her basic attacks, and increasing the team’s Stagger damage. Casual Cornelia has some resistance against Silence status because of one of her passive skills. You can acquire this variation via standard supplies.

Party Dress Cornelia is an ultra-rare card. This card is not only the strongest version of Cornelia, but one of the strongest cards overall. She fights great against crowds of weak enemies as well as tough Bosses. Her abilities freeze opponents, deal ice damage, and improve her damage against frozen enemies. Cornelia also gets a passive skill that improves her resistance against the Enfeeble status. You can acquire this variation via Fantasy Oath.

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