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How to Build the Second Floor in V Rising

How to Build the Second Floor in V Rising
Image by Stunlock Studios
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V Rising is a game still in development, which means that you can expect things to change. One of the most fan-requested features has been the multi-level castle building—because you can’t have a decent vampire den without a several-floor building looming menacingly from a cliff, right?

And it looks like Stunlock Studios listened to the fans’ feedback. The latest update called Secrets of Gloomrot features many useful updates, and one of them allows you to build upward. If you’re still unsure about how to build the second floor of your spooky gothic castle in V Rising, you’ve come to the right place. Enter, but stay close to the candles—the staircase can be treacherous…

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How to Build the Second Floor in V Rising

how to build the second floor in V Rising
Image by Stunlock Studios

Besides expanding your inventory by using different bags, encountering new types of enemies, and giving us a bigger map, the Secretes of Gloomrot update gave us also new cosmetics and the ability to build castle floors.

To build the second floor in V Rising, you will need to use the new building item—stone stairs. Select stairs from the building menu, and place them on the first floor of your castle (you will need to put them on the existing foundation). After placing the staircase, make sure to go up the stairs, and you will be able to build the second floor from there by placing foundation tiles. Just don’t forget to add some walls so that you can keep those scorching sun rays out during the day.

There are currently four types of stairs in the game, and you will need to have 12 Stone Bricks to build the simplest one. The game currently allows you to build up to three or four floors (depending on the terrain configuration), but that number goes up to six floors in private servers.

Good luck with building—now you can build the castle that your vampire deserves! If you need more help with this game, check out more useful guides in our dedicated V Rising section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Build the Second Floor in V Rising