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How to Use a Leatherworking Station in V Rising

How to Use a Leatherworking Station in V Rising
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Being a vampire is not only about sucking blood and living in huge gothic castles—you gotta put in some work! And there’s no other game where that statement applies more than in V Rising, and with the latest early-access update, castle building just got more interesting.

If you want to run a tight vampiric fortress, you will also need a leatherworking station for turning leather into various useful bags to expand your inventory. In case you’re not sure yet how to use a leatherworking station in V Rising, you’re in the right place—this article explains it all!

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How to Unlock a Leatherworking Station in V Rising

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To unlock the leatherworking station in V Rising, you will need to beat Lidia the Chaos Archer, who is one of the bosses in the game. When you defeat her and drink her blood, you will get access to crafting a leatherworking station of your own alongside some useful recipes, including:

  • Small Gem Bag
  • Small Herb Bag
  • Small Research Bag

When you unlock it, you can craft it with 12 Leather and 12 Plank (which you can get from your Sawmill and Tannery). Just go to the production tab and place the leatherworking station anywhere you like.

How to Use Leatherworking Station in V Rising

Once you set it up, you can approach your leatherworking station and craft items that you have recipes for. Besides the recipes that you’ll get by defeating Lidia, you can unlock more by beating some other bosses like Bane the Shadowblade or Frostmaw the Mountain Terror.

Each recipe tells you what materials you need so make sure to get enough before you get to crafting. Every item has a specified crafting time as well ranging from 10 to 30 seconds. You should also know that you can increase the crafting speed by 25% and reduce the materials cost by the same amount if you install the leatherworking station in a confined castle room and if the room has a matching floor.

We hope you have fun with all the items you can get from your leatherworking station now. If you need more help with this game, just check out more guides in our dedicated V Rising section here on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Use a Leatherworking Station in V Rising