Gem Dust is one of the crafting materials in V Rising that you need to make some of the key items in the game, like the Vampire Waygate, a teleporter that you can build in your base to move around the map. The process of obtaining Gem Dust in V Rising is a little hidden one. And that is why we often find players searching for ways on how to make Gem Dust in V Rising. 

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Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide on how you can make Gem Dust in V Rising. 

How to Make Gem Dust in V Rising

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In V Rising, you can make Gem Dust by grinding Crude Gems obtained from harvesting Gem Stone deposits in the Devourer Chest. Once you have Crude Gems on you and the Devourer Chest, you can interact with it and place the Crude Gems in the Input field to obtain Gem Dust. 

You can find a ton of Gem Stone deposits in the Farbane Woods area of V Rising. Depending on your requirement, you will need to farm a ton of Gem Stones for Crude Gems to make it into Gem Dust using the Devourer Chest. 

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To make the Crude Gems farming process a little easier, we have shared the location of all Gem Stone deposits found in the Farbane Woods area. 

How to Unlock Devourer Chest in V Rising?

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You can unlock the Devourer Chest in V Rising by defeating one of the V Blood carriers, Lidia – the Choas Archer boss. Once you defeat her, you will get access to the Devourer Chest, which you can use to grind the Crude Gems to make Gem Dust. 

V Rising is an action survival MMO game available on the PC platform. 

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How to Make Gem Dust in V Rising


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