How to Build an Outpost in Frostpunk – Guide and Tips

How to Build an Outpost in Frostpunk - Guide and Tips

The second part of the post-apocalyptic strategy from the Polish studio 16 Bit Studios is in the active phase of development, and more and more newcomers want to play the original, first part. The guide will explain to you how to set up an outpost in Frostpunk and why this construction does not work. There are many problems in the game, it is important to solve them in time.

Why Is the Outpost Not Working In Frostpunk and How to Set It Up?

How to Build an Outpost in Frostpunk - Guide and Tips

Having decided to build the specified object, you get a stable increase in additional resources mined by your wards in different parts of the snowy world. Sometimes it is not necessary to collect all the supplies, but you can simply disassemble the equipment for further processing. If something is not needed during the further successful game, feel free to disassemble it.

The maximum number of teams involved in the maintenance of this building does not exceed two. The size of the team allocated for service is 10 people with a working specialization. There are only a few places on the map where it is allowed to place such buildings. Usually, the perfect place is somewhere on the border of your city.

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The performance of the resulting building depends on many factors. All you need to do is to look at the map and at the icon that corresponds to the building. It is easy to understand if the building works correctly or not.

Goods collected on expeditions are delivered daily, so you will have to wait until your brave workers deliver what they have found to the last human metropolis. To manage the team, a standard context menu is used, similar to the control of scouts.

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How to Build an Outpost in Frostpunk – Guide and Tips


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