How to Build an Emerald Farm in Minecraft

Villager emerald farm

Green and shiny emeralds have been in Minecraft for almost a decade now. Emeralds were added as the primary currency for villagers and have been used for trading with these peaceful mobs. This guide will help you build an emerald farm in Minecraft.

Like most other minerals, emeralds cannot be used for crafting tools and pickaxes. However, it has other interesting uses—the first and foremost being village trading. Players can obtain various items by trading with villagers, such as enchantments, weapons, tools, armors, building blocks, and more.

How to Farm Emeralds in Minecraft

In this tutorial, we will be creating a simple emerald farm using nothing but a librarian. Players can exploit the librarian’s trade to farm infinite emeralds in Minecraft. Let us understand how this farm works.

Villager-based Emerald Farm Working Mechanism

In Minecraft, when a zombie village is cured, it reduces all trade costs for the player who cured it. By repeatedly zombifying a villager and curing it, players can reduce the trade price to the lowest (one emerald). Players can abuse the librarian’s book and bookshelf trades with this mechanic to earn infinite emeralds.

A librarian can sell bookshelf blocks at the Novice level and purchase books at the Apprentice level. After finding a librarian with these two trades, players will have to zombify and cure the librarian until both trades are at one emerald.

Once trade costs have been reduced, follow these steps to farm emeralds:

  1. Purchase a bookshelf from a librarian from one emerald.
  2. Break the bookshelf to get three books.
  3. Sell three books to the librarian back to get three emeralds.

That’s it! Players can repeat these steps to get an infinite amount of emeralds. However, there’s a trade limit. A librarian can sell bookshelf and purchase books only 12 every in-game day. Players can repeat these trades with multiple librarians to get tons of emeralds for free.

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How to Build an Emerald Farm in Minecraft


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