No unique talents are needed for you to create a shower in Minecraft, but you will need several items to do so:

30 Smooth Quartz Blocks1 Smooth Quartz Slab3 Blocks of any preferred color1 Piston
10 Quartz Pillars6 Glass Panesgla1 Lever5 Redstone Dust
3 Smooth Quartz Stairs16 wood planks1 Water Bucket

So, prepare all the required items, and let’s start!

Steps to Build a Shower in Minecraft

First, you will need to construct walls and a base. For this, create L-formation or right angle with the help of five smooth quartz blocks. After completion, bulk five more blocks on the previously built construction. Then heap up ten quartz pillars on the smooth quartz blocks. Use the outline of wood planks to surround the frame of your shower.

Second, put three smooth quartz stairs around the base. There will be block space left; just put one smooth quartz slab there. Now you can set the glass panes; they will act as your doorway.

Third, locate more smooth quartz blocks on your shower. Make sure there will still be empty spaces; you will need to put a piston there a little bit later. There will be one block gap on the top from the right side; it is left for the water bucket.

The fourth step is to pile up three blocks right from the left side of the frame of your shower. The color is up to your taste. Put a piston in the shower wall where there is a gap in one block. Your task is to face it in the shower. Fill in the single block gap that is located above the right side with the water bucket.

You will also need to put the red stone down, uniting the newer three blocks from the right side near the piston with the help of smooth quartz blocks. Above these five blocks, put a trail of red stone dust.

The fifth step is to place the lever as in the picture below. With its help, try to turn the water on and off.

Congrats! Now you can use your shower in Minecraft!

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