How to Build a Kelp Farm in Minecraft Mobile


Just like in the real world, fuels are an essential resource in Minecraft. From cooking food to smelting ores, fuels have become a necessity. Since traditional coal cannot be farmed efficiently, players can farm alternative items like kelp for fuel needs.

Players can produce two useful resources from one kelp farm: bonemeal and fuel. Kelp farms are also beginner-friendly as they are pretty easy to build. Players can create a kelp farm with some observers and pistons and enjoy unlimited kelp.

This article will help players build a simple and easy kelp farm in Minecraft.

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Building a Kelp Farm in Minecraft

For this guide, we will follow Minecraft YouTuber JC Playz kelp farm step by step tutorial. To get started, players will first have to collect the following items:

  • 2 chests
  • 1 hopper
  • 2 glass panes
  • 16 glass blocks
  • 2 buckets of water
  • 8 pistons
  • 8 observers
  • 8 redsstone dust
  • 8 kelp
  • 22 slabs
  • 96 building blocks

After gathering these items, players can start building a kelp farm. The first step is to create a platform of 10×3 area using building blocks. Create another same layer on top of it but leave the middle and another side empty, as shown in the following image.

Make a row of eight pistons facing towards the empty side. These pistons will break kelp growing from the bottom. Now, build a glass block wall, as shown in the image. Also, place a hopper going into a chest to collect kelp.

Next, players have to place an observer facing the front side on top of each piston. Raise the overall height of the farm with two blocks. On top of the hopper, place two glass panes to help kelp fall into the hopper.

The setup is now almost complete. Fill the insides of the farm with water, except the top layer. Place water in the opposite direction of the hopper and keep it in the flowing state. Flowing water will push kelp into the hopper.

Place building blocks behind each piston block and then put redstone dust on them. When an observer detects kelp, it will fire the piston underneath and break the kelp. Lastly, swim inside the farm and place kelp to complete the farm.

Additionally, you can cover the farm’s top area with slabs to prevent any hostile mob from spawning. Players are highly recommended to watch the video by JC Playz as it is a lot easier to understand the guide by watching a video.

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How to Build a Kelp Farm in Minecraft Mobile


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